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Cosmetic Tattooing Prep + Aftercare

Cosmetic Tattooing Preparation//Aftercare


Brows + Freckles Preparation//Aftercare


  • Consume alcohol.

  • Consume caffeine.

  • Workout.

  • Take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen.


  • Tan

  • Receive Botox or other facial injections. 

  • Use Retin-A or prescription topical facial creams. 

Please note that you will be more sensitive during your
menstrual cycle or during hormonal change.



  • It is possible to experience redness and swelling up to 48 hours after the procedure. 

  • The treated area will appear much darker and bold due to the oxidation process during the healing period. 

  • If the area is kept clean and dry then only a light pigment film (not thick scab) will appear after 4-7 days. 

  • As the area heals it will become dry and itchy.

  • As the pigment film starts to flake off DO NOT pick, scratch, itch or pull off any of the areas which are peeling.

  • Choosing to pick at flakes and peeling areas will pull out pigment, and result in spots left without any pigment or in some cases scarring. 

  • As the area continues to heal, a softer more natural result will be revealed underneath.

  • Please note that within the first 4 weeks the amount of pigment that you see can seem very faint. It may seem like the pigment has been lost; please be advised that as the skin regenerates the new skin can in some cases hide the hair strokes completely. You must allow the full healing time of 8 weeks to see the true color and result. 

​1. For 1 hr post appointment, have clients blot their brows with a clean tissue to remove lymph. If the oozing dries on their brows, it’ll create massive scabs, and the brows will peel and flake like crazy!

2. Within a few hrs post appointment, have them wash their brows with the aftercare soap Cetaphil or Ceravae, gentle skin versions are best!

Theyre going to:
A. Wash hands 
B. Get TINY bit of soap and some water OUTSIDE OF SHOWER
C. Wash gently in direction of hair. It’s a LIGHT swipe, just to help remove excess oil, oozing etc. 
D. RINSE THOROUGHLY. Cup their hands with water and rinse to make sure all soap is removed. 
E. Pat dry with clean paper towel 

3. Wash morning and night for 10 days

4. Apply balm morning and night for 10 days (if you use my balm they will have enough left over for touchup if they’re using it correctly. RICE GRAIN amount will cover BOTH brows. NOT rice grain on each.

5. No getting them wet other than washing OUTSIDE of shower. This includes shower, sweating, sauna, hot tub, ETC.

6. No direct sunlight for 2 weeks

7. NO MAKEUP. LOTION. FACE WASH. SERUMS. SHAMPOO. CONDITIONER Etc can touch them for two whole weeks. After that, avoid all products on them that include active ingredients (acne or anti aging products)

8. NO picking or scratching at scabs. DO NOT sleep on face!


Lash Enhancement Preparation//Aftercare


It is critical to follow all preparation and aftercare instructions for your initial appointment as well as your perfecting appointment, in order to achieve optimal results. Please read carefully.

4 Weeks Before:

No eyelash serums

No Vitamin A/Retinol products

No Fish Oil or Vitamin E

48 Hours Before:

No alcohol, caffeine, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen

No eyelash extensions; if you have them, they must be removed at least 3 days prior to your appointment

Day of Appointment:

Do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment; especially mascara.

Do not wear contacts to your appointment.


Immediately following your appointment, your eyeliner may look harsh and painted on. This will soften up and look a lot more natural as it heals…please be patient! The outer layer of color will appear crusty and start to flake off. Do not pick, scratch, or rub the treated area or attempt to remove the crusty material. As your lash enhancement heals, you may notice that the color appears lighter and/or softer.


Day 1 of Treatment:

·      After your appointment, do not touch your eyes. Before bed you can ice your eyes by placing it on top of a fresh paper towel or tissue. Do not put ice directly on skin.

·      Do not wash eyes and try to keep them dry.

·      If your eyes are swollen, you may take Tylenol.

·      Remember, dry healing is best; however, if you are extremely itchy and uncomfortable you may apply a rice grain amount of Aquaphor with a Q-tip. Be sure not to over-apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. Never put the ointment on a wet or damp tattoo.

·      Gently rinse your eyes each morning and night with water and a gentle soap (ex. Dial, baby shampoo, Cetaphil). With a very light touch, use your clean fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Rub the area in a smooth motion for 5-10 seconds and rinse with water ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. To dry, gently pat with a clean tissue or let air dry. Do not use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliants. Do not use soap, cleanser, or shampoo on the treated area for 7-10 days. All cleansing should be done with a clean Q-tip dipped in cool water and gently dabbed on the treated area. Do not rub the treated area.

·      Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning booths. You can go outside of course! Avoid laying out at the pool or a beach until your brows are healed. If you are going to the beach or pool wear a hat that shields your eyes from the sun until you're healed, like a visor or baseball cap.

·      Aside from your daily gentle washes as noted above, do not soak your eyes in water until healed (ex. bath tub, sauna, pool, or hot tub). When washing your face, wash around the eye area. Showers are fine but limit them to five minutes to prevent too much steam around the eye area.

·      Avoid facials, chemical treatments, and Botox until your eyes are healed.

·      Do not allow makeup, lotions, or other products to touch the treated area. No eye makeup until healed!

Day 2-10 of Treatment:

·      You can resume wearing eye makeup after day 7. New mascara is recommended to prevent old bacteria being introduced to procedure area.

·      You can resume using lash serum or getting new eyelash extensions 4 weeks after your touchup appointment. Do not use in between appointments.

Long-term Aftercare Instructions:

·      You can resume wearing eye makeup after day 7. New mascara is recommended to prevent old bacteria being introduced to procedure area.

·      You can resume using lash serum or getting new eyelash extensions 4 weeks after your touchup appointment. (Not to use in between appointments.)

·      Inform your technician of your permanent eyeliner at the time of any laser procedures or MRIs.


Lip Blushing Preparation//Aftercare

Lip Blush Preparation//Aftercare

Pre Care

We recommend to exfoliate your lips for the week prior to the appointment at home using a drop of coconut oil and sugar to create your own sugar scrub.  We also highly suggest using a lip conditioner, mask or balm every day leading up to the appointment to get their lips in great shape.

Avoid supplements/medications with blood thinning effects. Supplements should be discontinued 7 days prior to your cosmetic tattoo appointment.

Start homeopathic oral Arnica, to safely treat bruising and swelling. It is recommended to start the day before and continue for 5 days following your treatment.

We do NOT recommend the topical Arnica post treatment.

Lip Blush and Cold Sores


It is required that that the client consult with their Physician prior to taking, altering or stopping any form of medication and/or supplements, or making changes to their dosing cycles etc.  

Cold sores are often called fever blisters. After entering the body, the virus remains dormant most of the time, but, if a trigger activates the virus, a cold sore can develop. Trauma to the lips such as LIP BLUSH would be the trigger of a possible flare up.

A person may have just one outbreak and no recurrence, while others may have two or three outbreaks each year.  Some people may carry the virus and never have an outbreak because it remains dormant.

It insisted that if you have ever had any kind of cold sore, fever blister etc. to take Valtrex. 1 dose on the day of the procedure, and for 3 days following the appointment.

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