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My Story.
Hi friend, I'm Caitlin!

I grew up in Ohio and am now a single momma raising my daughter in Columbus. I'm 31, I've been in professionally piercing + tattooing since 2018! I'm not gonna lie, it has been hard making it in this field as a woman. I've been through sexual harassment, theft and all kinds of sh*t! But I'm in it for a few reasons:

1. I'm a GED baby, I dropped out of high school with an undiagnosed learning disability and unstable home. I never thought I'd have a career like this and I take it SO seriously. I also work hard to work for MYSELF, which is a dream come true!

2. I've always been at outlier. The learning disability + mental health struggles combined with always being a 'weird gal' who went against the crowd- I've always felt alone. But through life I've learned this field is a safe space for all weirdos to be alone together.  I am PROUD of my clientele feeling safe with me and being mostly the lovely she's, they + gays!! <3

3. I'm a sarcastic yet spiritual yoga teacher! I fell in love with yoga while pregnant 9 years ago and the philosophy of mindfulness has changed my life. I get to share this gift with my clients and also utilize breath techniques to ease nerves and pain.

As I said, I'm raising a daughter here. I've fought for a lot to get here & now I devote my extra time to teaching other women skills to get into the industry safely.

Thank you for suppporting one gal against the world!
I can't wait to meet you.
<3 Caitlin Cartwright


Caitlin's Crafts


Powder & Nano Brows

I am triple certified in forms of eyebrow tattooing and my specialty is stroked up, realistic looking brows! I pride myself in offering all styles of tattooing and exercising my knowledge of skin types to select the correct method AND pigment based on the individual. I began this journey in 2019 after years of makeup art + it's my favorite thing to do. 


Body & Ear Piercings

I've always had a deep love for piercings and have been piercing professionally since 2019. I offer half off piercings every Wednesday and a Family Piercing Saturday once a month for minors.


Tooth Gems

I became certified in professional tooth gems in 2021 because I wanted to do them on myself! I realized it was a growing trend and now I offer them at the shop, too. I keep Swarovski crystals on hand and also do custom orders for 18k gold. 

I'm so excited to share my inclusion in this Glamour Magazine article! If you're interested in what Microblading entails, check out this article. I love that I can share this with any clients interested, the words are my own!


Question? Ask Caitlin Below.

963 East Johnstown Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43230

614-852-9136 call/text

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